Improve Accuracy, Get Correctly Reimbursed & Delight Your Team

Iodine's SmartList™ solution helps CDI directors drive improvement in documentation accuracy, receive the proper amount of reimbursement for their hospitals, and make their CDI specialists' work effort more productive.

Here are the problems we solve:

Inaccurate documentation leading to incorrect quality reporting and reimbursement

For your clinical documentation to be as accurate as possible and your hospital to be reimbursed correctly, your CDI team would need to review every case, every day. However, that would take an army of CDI specialists.

Inaccurate documentation also impacts the hospital’s and individual physicians’ reported quality results. And inaccurate quality reporting affects your hospital’s Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) payments. Consequently, tools that leverage your existing team to drive accurate documentation are vital to your hospital’s quality scores as well as reimbursements.

Most hospitals don't have an army of CDI specialists. In fact, most CDI programs are understaffed.

Your program might be understaffed if...

  • You're not reviewing all commercial DRG-based payers
  • You're not reviewing all Medicare cases
  • There's no weekend coverage
  • You can't review all of your cases when CDI specialists are on vacation or out sick
  • Your team is asked to take on new projects (e.g.: ICD-10 physician education) without adding staff

You need a technology solution that helps your team become more effective at driving documentation accuracy.

Our solution: Iodine’s SmartList™ technology electronically screens all cases, all the time. It continuously reviews clinical data, electronic documentation and other relevant information, and identifies which cases should be reviewed first. This means your CDI team can start with the cases with highest likelihood of inaccurate or incomplete documentation, even when understaffed.  

In addition to identifying the cases with the highest opportunity to improve documentation accuracy, Iodine also gives CDI directors the tools to easily re-assign workloads when team members are unavailable. These tools ensure that the review workload is always balanced and right-sized across the entire team. Iodine helps leverage precious CDI resources in the most impactful way possible: take the stress out of everyday CDI team management, get your hospital correctly reimbursed, and ensure your quality results are accurately reported.  

CDI specialist fatigue

Spending time reviewing case after case that already have complete and accurate documentation can be tiring. Multiply that by weeks and months and the emotional fatigue can be taxing. This issue is only made worse by the constant flow of additional tasks and projects heaped onto CDI specialists' plates: working DRG assignment, ICD-10 training, HACs and PSIs, HCCs, etc. Non-productive review outcomes can make a CDI specialist's work seemingly repetitive and draining.

Our solution: Your CDI team's time is valuable, and with case prioritization, it's treated as such. By working on what matters the most first, your CDI specialists will avoid the frustration that comes with spending hours reviewing cases with little opportunity to improve documentation, which helps with job satisfaction and retention.


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