Designed with CDI Specialists in Mind 

Iodine’s SmartList™ is designed to help CDI users work smarter, not harder, by prioritizing the cases with the greatest opportunity for documentation improvement.

Here are the problems we solve:

CDI specialists' time isn't being valued enough

A CDI specialist's time, resources and energy are all incredibly valuable. They're doing complex work that involves both clinical and coding expertise. And yet, CDI specialists are told to review cases seemingly at random, without knowing which cases:

  • Have a complication, comorbidity, severity or other documentation issue
  • Are already accurately documented
  • Have any new clinical information warranting a re-review

Constant pressure on specialists to review cases, without helping them review the right cases first

Hospitals often demand that CDI specialists review as many cases as they can even when there’s not enough time. Without the right technology, the only way to catch the cases with opportunities for documentation improvement is to play the numbers game. But there are only so many CDI specialists, and CDI specialists only have so many hours in a day, so expecting them to review "every case, every day" isn't always a viable option.  

Our solution

Iodine reviews clinical records, electronic documentation, and other relevant clinical data to identify and prioritize cases that are most likely to have incomplete or incorrect documentation. By electronically scanning every case continuously in real time, Iodine prioritizes the cases with opportunity for improvement, ensuring CDI specialists are spending their valuable time reviewing the right cases first.


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