Receive the Correct Reimbursement for Your Hospital

By improving documentation accuracy, Iodine helps your CDI team improve the one key aspect of CMI that your CDI team controls: the capture rate.

By pointing your CDI team to the cases with the highest probabilities for documentation improvement, Iodine helps your hospital accurately document conditions and receive the correct reimbursement for the care provided, potentially reduce Value Based Purchasing penalties for your hospital, and positively impact your CMI.

Problem: CDIs Are Forced to Follow an Inefficient Process, and It Affects Reimbursement

With the approach most hospitals are using today, CDI teams would need to review every case, every day in order to catch every opportunity for documentation improvement and ensure their hospital is correctly reimbursed. Unfortunately, most hospitals do not have the CDI staff to implement this approach, nor the budget to increase that staff.

Manually Reviewing "Every Case, Every Day" Isn't A Real Solution

With Iodine, this inefficient process can be a thing of the past. Iodine’s cutting-edge technology scans your EMR and reviews available clinical data, then identifies and prioritizes the cases with the greatest opportunity for documentation improvement. In short, Iodine helps your CDI team prioritize the cases that need their attention the most. This helps your existing CDI team improve the accuracy of your physician documentation more efficiently, making sure your hospital documentation is accurate and your hospital is reimbursed correctly.


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