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How progressive hospitals are taking steps to mitigate the impact of IPPS (and other downward pressures on margins)


When: Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 11 AM CDT

For months, hospitals had been concerned about proposed changes to the Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS), which would have reclassified many CCs and MCCs, resulting in lower-severity DRGs.  After the final rule came forth with a deferment of those changes, health systems seem to have more time to prepare, but the directionality from CMS is clear: greater scrutiny over complications and comorbidities could make it difficult for hospitals to maintain CMI, and thus, reimbursement levels.
This follows the downward trend on government reimbursement (and subsequent pressure on margins) that has made it even more important for hospitals to ensure that dollars owed are dollars paid. Accordingly, many progressive institutions have adopted new technologies and methods to help them weather any storm (regulatory or not) by increasing documentation accuracy.
Join us as Iodine presents an analysis of 400+ hospitals across the country (covering millions of patient admissions) to explore what might be at stake if CCs and MCCs are reclassified.  The session will include a discussion around strategies top hospitals are undertaking to improve efficiency in their mid-cycle, and results from a study analyzing the extent to which those organizations effectively protected their CMI.


Ravi Chopra, MD

Dr. Chopra is an experienced executive with 17 years of experience in healthcare consulting, technology, and growth. He currently serves as a Clinical and Product Specialist for Iodine Software.

Prior to joining Iodine, he played an extensive and extended role in the Advisory Board Company's growth post-IPO. His work there included development, growth, and delivery of 25+ consulting engagements installing operational and clinical best practices at partner hospitals, development and growth of Advisory Board's first in-house technology platform, and its growth into one of the country's largest healthcare analytic platforms.

Dr. Chopra started his career as a McKinsey consultant. He holds degrees in Medicine from the University of Michigan Medical School and Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.


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