Personal Agent Software for Hospitals


Iodine is an easy-to-use mobile system that analyzes your hospital’s wealth of data for knowledge that physicians, case managers, and documentation specialists can act upon to improve key hospital metrics and clinical documentation.



From minute-by-minute clinical updates to financial metrics to staff communications, Iodine is constantly listening to your data for emerging and important information that will enable your hospital staff to react faster, anticipate potential problems, and improve quality of care.

Iodine transforms your hospital data into knowledge you can act on. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Case Studies

With Iodine as your partner, your staff can reduce length of stay, lower readmissions, and increase reimbursement rates. We provide early warnings and personalized action prompts that physicians, nurses and case managers need to respond effectively to real-time issues.

Learn how your peers have reduced costs and improved care by implementing Iodine solutions. 

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